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The pages on this site were originally posted on Mark Bej's site at broadway.pennsyrr.com. However, maintenance of that site became a burden for Mark. In mid December, 2004, he suggested I obtain a separate site from Jerry Britton. Jerry graciously agreed, so the material now has a new home.

For a time, the same material will be available both here and on Mark's site, but I will be updating only the material on this site. Eventually Mark will remove the material from his site.

Added January 4, 2008. "Eventually" didn't seem to be happening, so late in 2007 I screwed up my courage and removed the material from Mark's site, replacing it with HTML redirection pages pointing to this site. Since I have heard nothing adverse from either Jerry, owner of the server; nor from Mark, owner of the other site, it must have worked OK.

The pages are in three groups:

A work in progress:

The first is not confined to the Pennsylvania Railroad. The second is chiefly data on the Pennsylvania Railroad, although there is a section on railroads which were related rather tenuously. The third is purely PRR information.

At this time, I am engaged in revising the valuation reports index. As of this writing (7 January 2005) the index posted here is essentially a transcription of the index prepared under the auspices of the Association of American Railroads. I have found, however, that there are a number of errors and omissions in that index which I am now engaged in remedying. A fuller account of what I'm talking about will be published when I have the updated index ready for posting.

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