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Belington and Northern


The Belington and Northern is a corporation of West Virginia, having its principal office at Fairmont, W. Va. No accounting records prior to July 1, 1907, were available. For that reason only partial information can be given from the accounts in connection with its financial dealings, corporate operations, or investments.

The Belington and Northern is controlled by the Little Kanawha Syndicate, which is composed of the Baltimore and Ohio, the Pennsylvania Company, and The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company. On the other hand, the records reviewed do not indicate that the Belington and Northern itself controls any common-carrier corporation.

The property was operated from the date of its completion in 1902 to December 1903 by its own organization. From the latter date to May 1917 the property was operated for switching purposes by the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway Company and its successors, the Western Maryland Railroad Company and the Western Maryland Railway Company. In May 1917 the Baltimore and Ohio, at the request of the Little Kanawha Syndicate, became operating agent and operated the property until January 1, 1918. Since the latter date it has been operated by the United States Railroad Administration.


The Belington and Northern was incorporated January 2, 1900, under the general laws of West Virginia. It was organized February 6, 1900.


The road owned, 3.953 miles, was acquired by construction during the years 1901 and 1902.


The company had trackage rights over a portion of the road of the Western Maryland Railway Company at Belington to reach the tracks of the Baltimore and Ohio at that point. The terms and conditions under which these rights are exercised have not been ascertained.

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Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
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Although published in 1933, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1918

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