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Cape Charles Railroad


The railroad of the Cape Charles Railroad Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, extending between Cape Junction and Kiptopeke, Va., a distance of 9.666 miles. The carrier also owns yard tracks and sidings aggregating 1.505 miles, making a total mileage of all tracks of 11.171 miles.


The carrier was incorporated on March 24, 1906, under the general laws of Virginia. Its organization was at the instance of the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company, which controls the carrier through ownership of a majority of its capital stock. The principal office of the carrier is at Cape Charles, Va.


The property of the carrier was acquired by construction. Purchases of right of way by the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company for the carrier were made as early as January 1906, but actual construction work on the first section of the line, from Cape Junction to Townsend, was not begun until 1910, that section being completed and opened for operaton on December 1 of that year. A subsequent extension from Townsend to Kiptopeke was built by the carrier with its own forces during the period November, 1911, to March 18, 1912, and opened for operation on the latter date.


The railroad of the carrier connects with the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company at Cape Junction, Va.


In addition to its owned mileage the carrier operates, under trackage agreement and without compensation to the owner, over 2.7 miles of track in and around Cape Junction owned by the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company.

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Although published in 1927, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1915

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