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From May 1, 1895, the date the first section of the property of the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern was opened for operation, to April 20, 1907, the common-carrier property of the Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Railway Company [1] was operated either by its own organization or by receivers. The periods during which it was in the hands of receivers are from November 23, 1895, to March 6, 1897, and from September 14, 1904, to April 30, 1907. From May 1, 1907, to date of valuation, its property has been operated by the Panhandle.


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The property of the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern was constructed by Clarence A. Knight, contractor, under agreements dated May 20, 1893, and April 27, 1899. The obtainable data do not indicate that this contractor was in any way affiliated with the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern. Under these agreements about 43.02 miles of railroad were constructed from May 20, 1893, to December 28, 1900, and portions of the property were opened for operation as indicated in the following tabulation:

Beginning of
Matthews to Fairmont                  May 1, 1895 8.51
Fairmont to Swayze Nov. 1, 1898 11.95
Swayze to Converse Nov. 1, 1899 5.56
Matthews to Muncie Dec. 28, 1900 17.00
Total 43.02

The Chicago, Indiana & Eastern abandoned about 0.03 mile of track, leaving 42.99 miles owned on date of valuation.


On date of valuation the entire common-carrier property of the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern was solely operated and maintained by the Panhandle under an agreement effective May 1, 1907, terminable on six months' notice. The net revenues accruing from the operation of the property are charged or credited by the Panhandle to the Chicago, Indiana & Eatsern. The operation of the property for the year ended with date of valuation resulted in a deficit in the amount of $28,783.94, which amount the Chicago, Indiana & Eastern charged to the Income account Income form Lease of Road.

Note 1: It seems this is a typo in the original report. One supposes the report meant to say "...Chicago, Indiana & Eastern..." Back
Original data source: Valuation Reports Vol. 24 pp 387, 391-392
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1929

Although published in 1929, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1918

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