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Calumet Western


The Calumet Western is a corporation of the State of Illinois, having its principal office at Chicago, Ill. It is controlled through ownership of its capital stock by three proprietary companies named below, for whose joint use it operates its property:

of control
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company 50
The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company 25
Pennsylvania Company 25

The Calumet Western does not control any common-carrier corporation.

The property of the Calumet Western has been operated jointly by the company's own management and the Pennsylvania Company, agent, under agreement of February 21, 1900, between The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company; The Michigan Central Railroad Company; Chicago Junction Railway Company; and the Pennsylvania Company, and agreements of June 6, 1901, and June 29, 1901, between Calumet Western and the above-named companies.


The Calumet Western was incorporated September 2, 1897, under the general laws of Illinois, for the stated purpose of constructing a railroad within Cook County, Ill.


The entire mileage of the Calumet Western was constructed for it by the Pennsylvania Company. The property was placed in operation about July 1, 1901.


The Calumet Western has direct connection with the Pittsbugh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Company near One Hundred and Fifth Street and with The South Chicago & Southern Railroad Company at One Hundred and Thirtieth Street, Chicago.


The entire property of the Calumet Western has been maintained and operated for the joint use of proprietary companies, which on date of valuation are the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company; The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company; and the Pennsylvania Company. Under agreements dated February 21, 1900, June 6, 1901, and June 29, 1901, covering joint use of the property, each proprietary company pays 50 cents for each loaded car moved over the Calumet Western's tracks, and, after such payment, pays a proportion, based on its capital stock ownership, of the Calumet Western's net deficit from operations.

Original data source: Valuation Reports Vol. 23 pp 859-861, 864
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1929

Although published in 1929, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1916

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