East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company
[narrow gauge]


The carrier is a corporation of the State of Pennsylvania, having its principal office at Philadelphia, Pa. The records reviewed do not indicate that the carrier is controlled by any individual or corporation, nor, on the other hand, that it controls any other common-carrier corporation. The property of the carrier has been operated by its own organization from November 30, 1874, the date the first section of the road was opened for operation, to date of valuation.


The carrier was incorporated April 16, 1856, under special act of the State of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad to extend from connections with the Pennsylvania Railroad at or near Mapleton, Pa., and at Mount Union, Pa., to the East Broad Top coal fields, a distance of not more than 25 miles, with lateral railroads not exceeding 7 miles in length extending therefrom; and also for the purpose of owning coal lands, mining coal, and for transacting the usual business of companies engaged in mining, transporting, and selling coal and the other products of coal lands. On May 24, 1871, and April 3, 1873, the charter was amended by special acts of Pennsylvania authorizing the construction of connections with other railroads and the construction of one or more branch railroads not exceeding 50 miles in length. The charter was also amended by special acts of Pennsylvania on May 16, 1857, April 20, 1864, March 7, 1872, and March 23, 1872. The date of organization was July 3, 1871.

The carrier acquired by merger on December 22, 1913, under terms of an agreement of November 26, 1913, the property, rights, and franchises of the Shade Gap Railroad Company and the Rocky Ridge Railroad Company, which were incorporated Febrauary 23, 1884, and April 18, 1907, respectively, under the general laws of Pennsylvania. The carrier itself and the two corporations named comprise the line of succession culminating in the carrier as at present constituted.


The owned mileage, 50.557 miles, was acquired partly by construction and partly by merger. The years when the various portions of the line were constructed and the manner in which the carrier acquired the property are indicated in the following statement:

Acquired by construction: Mileage
     Mount Union to Woodvale, Pa., 1872-1874 31.13
Rocky Ridge to Evanston, Pa., 1904-1906 4.93
Woodvale, Alvan, Pa., and coal mine No. 7, 1915-1916 2.38
Coles to Midvalley, Pa., 1915-1916   2.56
Less mileage sold to the Rocky Ridge Railroad, Rocky Ridge to Evanston, Pa., Apr. 23, 1908    4.93 36.07
Acquired by purchase from the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company, June 30, 1908, Orbisonia connection, Orbisonia to Grove's Quarry, Pa. (The dates of construction or by whom constructed are not ascertainable from the records reviewed) 1.24
Less mileage sold to the Shade Gap Railroad, Orbisonia to Grove's Quarry, Pa., Apr. 24, 1909   1.24
Acquired by merger:
From the Shade Gap Railroad, Dec. 22, 1913--
     Constructed by that company--
     Rockhill to Shade Gap, Pa., 1885 5.50
Shade Gap to Stair Mine, Pa., 1886 1.71
Stair Mine to Goshorn, Pa., 1888 2.15
Goshorn to Nancy, Pa., 1886-1887   1.80
Less mileage abandoned by Shade Gap Railroad    6.39
Constructed by the carrier for the Shade Gap Railroad
Shade Gap to Neelyton, Pa., 1909 3.99
(In addition to the construction of 3.99 miles of road, the carrier reconstructed for the Shade Gap Railroad the 4.77 miles of road shown above.)
Purchased from the carrier, Apr. 24, 1909, as shown above, Orbisonia to Grove's Quarry, Pa.    1.24 10.00
From the Rocky Ridge Railroad, Dec. 22, 1913, constructed by the carrier, from whom it was purchased Apr. 23, 1908, as shown above, Rocky Ridge to Evanston, Pa.    4.93
Total recorded mileage 51.00
Difference between total recorded mileage and mileage inventoried as of date of valuation     0.443
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 50.557

The records reviewed indicate that the construction work of the carrier was performed by company forces and by various independent contractors.


The line of the carrier has direct connection with the Pennsylvania Railroad for interchange of traffic at Mount Union, Pa.


The carrier solely uses a station and office building at Mount Union, Pa., and jointly uses about 1 mile of sidetrack located at that point, owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, under an agreement dated November 8, 1905, at a stipulated payment equal to 2 per cent per annum on valuation of $55,000, and $250 per annum for maintenance. Rental amounting to $1,008.37 accrued and was charged to income for the year ending on date of valuation.

Original data source: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission Vol. 135 pp 175-177, 191
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC

Although published in 1928, the report is "...as of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1917

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