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The Manufacturers Railway is a corporation of the State of Ohio, having its principal office at Toledo, Ohio. It is controlled by The Toledo, Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company through ownership of the entire outstanding capital stock. The company controls no common-carrier corporation. The Toledo, Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company is in turn controlled by the Pennsylvania Company. The Manufacturers Railway has been operated by its own organization during its entire life. The Pennsylvania Company performs certain operating services for the company in accordance with contract arrangements.


The Manufacturers Railway was incorporated March 23, 1894, under general laws of Ohio. The purpose of incorporation was to construct, maintain, and operate a railroad in the city of Toledo commencing at the intersection of Olive and Water Streets and extending upon and along Water Street to Monroe Street, thence to and terminating at the right of way of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company. The date of organization was April 24, 1894. The articles of incorporation were amended by the Manufacturers Railway filing certificates dated April 5, 1899, and April 22, 1899, providing for the extension, change of terminus, and change in route of the line of railroad.

The Manufacturers Railway acquired by purchase the property, rights, and franchises of two companies as follows: The Toledo and Michigan Terminal Railroad Company, which owned about 0.69 miles of railroad, and The Toledo Dock and Water Company, which owned real estate in Toledo. The following chart shows data as to incorporation and succession.

# Name Incorporation Succession
1 The Manufacturers Railway Company. General laws of Ohio, Mar. 23, 1894.
2 The Toledo and Michigan Terminal Railroad Company. Apr. 24, 1901, under public acts of 1873 of Michigan. Sold to 1 and conveyed by deed dated July 8, 1903, and Aug. 8, 1903.
3 The Toledo Dock and Warehouse Company. Sept. 6, 1898, under general laws of Ohio. Conveyed to 1 by deed dated Jan.22, 1903.


The railroad of the Manufacturers Railway , on date of valuation, has been acquired by purchase and construction, as follows:

Date acquired
for operation
By purchase from The Toledo and Michigan Terminal Railway Company; Ohio Street, Toledo, Ohio, to Michigan Central Belt Line ------------ July 8, 1903 0.69
By construction, in the city of Toledo, Ohio
Olive Street to--
Locust Street
Adams Street
Monroe Street
East of Pontiac Street
Apr. 14, 1895 April, 1896
Year 1899
Year 1901
Year 1905
Total road mileage owned on date of valuation 3.02

In the construction of the road built for the Manufacturers Railway, all branches of the work were done by the forces of the Pennsylvania Company for account of the Manufacturers Railway. The 0.69 mile of road purchased from The Toledo and Michigan Terminal Railway Company was constructed by that company. In addition to its road mileage as stated, the Manufacturers Railway, on January 22, 1903, acquired by purchase from the Toledo Dock and Warehouse Company, certain real estate in the city of Toledo. The latter owned no road.


The Manufacturers Railway is used as a switching road to connect the railroad of the Toledo, Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company and other railways for the interchange of freight within the city limits of Toledo.


The Manufacturers Railway uses on date of valuation facilities owned by other companies, and other companies use facilities owned by the Manufacturers Railway, to the extent indicated in the statement following.

Any rentals accrued and charged or credited to income for the year ended on date of valuation were not identified in the accounts. The description of the property and terms of use follow:

Solely owned but jointly used, used with The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company: Crossing and interlocking plant at Manhattan Junction, Ohio; agreement date August 23, 1902, under which expenses of operating and maintenance were to be equally divided. For the year ending on date of valuation the Manufacturers Railway's portion of such expenses was one-third and amounted to $1,109.98. The ownership of the Manufacturers Railway in this property for valuation is agreed to by the Manufacturers Railway, The Ann Arbor Railroad Company, and The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company.

Jointly used but not owned, owned by The Toledo, Columbus and Ohio River Railroad Company: Trackage rights, about 1.11 miles, from Olive Street to Old City Line near Galena Street, Toledo, Ohio. Agreement dated August 16, 1901, with Pennsylvania Company for 99 years from September 1, 1901, unless terminated by 12 months' written notice from either party. Manufacturers Railway to pay its proportion, based on car and engine mileage, of the expenses of operating and maintaining the property, taxes, and assessments and the same proportion of the sum of $500, being 5 per cent per annum on the agreed valuation of $10,000.

The White Star Steamship Company uses exclusively certain lands of this company and this company uses certain lands of The Michigan Central Railroad Company, but the terms of use were not determinable from the records reviewed.

Original data source: Valuation Reports Vol. 23 pp827-829, 833-834
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1929

Although published in 1929, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1916

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