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The Monongahela Railway is a corporation of the States of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, having its principal office at Philadelphia, Pa. It is controlled jointly by The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company, Pennsylvania Company, and the Pennsylvania Railroad, through ownership of entire outstanding capital stock. The records do not indicate that this company controls any common-carrier corporation. The property has been operated by its own organization during its entire life.


The Monongahela Railway was incorporated under the general laws of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, through filing with the secretary of state of Pennsylvania, July 1, 1915, and with secretary of state of West Virginia, July 10, 1915, an agreement dated November 24, 1914, for the purpose of consolidating the property, rights, and franchises of The Monongahela Railroad Company and the Buckhannon and Northern Railroad Company. The date of organization was July 1, 1915. Pursuant to the above purpose, the Monongahela Railway acquired the property, rights, and franchises of the two railroad corporations named. The following chart shows the facts as to incorporation and successors.

# Name Incorporation Succession
1 The Monongahela Railway Company Under general laws of Pennsylvania and West Virginia through articles of consolidation, dated Nov. 24, 1914; filed in Pennsylvania July 1, 1915; West Virginia, July 10, 1915.
2 The Monongahela Railroad Company Under general laws of Pennsylvania, Dec. 31, 1900. Consolidated July 1, 1915, with 3, to form 1.
3 Buckhannon and Northern Railroad Company Under general laws of West Virginia, Feb. 7, 1902. Consolidated July 1, 1915, with 2, to form 1.


The owned mileage of the Monongahela Railway, 82.058 miles, was acquired partly by consolidation, July 1, 1915, from the Monongahela Railroad and the Buckhannon and Northern, and partly by completion of construction. Details as to construction follow:

Monongahela Railroad, constructed by that company:
      Brownsville Junction to Adah Run, Pa., 1901-1903 19.00
Cat's Run to Martin, Pa., 1903 1.70
Rush Run Branch, 1908-1909 4.25
Martin, Pa., to Pennsylvania-West Virginia State line, 1910-1914 8.40
Miscellaneous, dates not ascertained .26
Constructed by the Pittsburgh, Virginia and Charleston Railway Company, dates not ascertained:
      Adah Run to Cat's Run, Pa. 5.80
Adah to Lambert, Pa. 2.97
Cat's Run Junction to Ifield, Pa. 1.19
Redstone Junction to Brownsville, Pa. 1.10
Constructed by the South-West Pennsylvania Railway Company, Huron to Edenboro, Pa., date not ascertained 3.39
Constructed by W. J. Parshall, Parshall branch, date not ascertained .74 48.80
Buckhannon and Northern, constructed partly by that company and completed by the Monongahela Railway:
Pennsylvania-West Virginia State line to Fairmont, W. Va., 1911-1915 33.69
Rivesville branch, 1912 2.32 36.01
TOTAL 84.81
Less mileage abandoned, portion of Rush Run branch 2.75
TOTAL 82.06
Difference between recorded mileage and mileage inventoried 0.002
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 82.058


The Monongahela Railway has connections with other carriers for interchange of traffic, as follows:

Carrier Connecting points
The Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company. Leckrone, Pa., North Fairmont and Prickett Junction, W. Va.
Pennsylvania Railroad Ache Junction and Brownsville Junction.
The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company. Brownsville Junction, Pa.


The Monongahela Railway uses on date of valuation property owned by other companies and other companies use property owned by the Monongahela Railway to the extent indicated in the statement below. The description of the property, the period and terms of use, and rentals accrued and charged or credited to income for the year ending on date of valuation are as follows:

Solely owned, but jointly used, used with The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company and the Pennsylvania Railroad Company:
      Tracks, 1.11 miles, Brownsville Junction to Brownsville, Pa., and passenger and freight terminals, Brownsville, Pa., for indefinite period; maintenance and operation divided on basis of ticket sales, freight tonnage, and engine and car mileage; rental accrued not ascertained -------
Solely used, but not owned, owned by--
Connellsville & Monongahela: Entire property; lease assumed from the Pennsylvania Railroad, indefinite period from July 1, 1915; stipulated payments equal to 4 per cent on valuation of $1,861,340.34, taxes and maintenance $72,614.80
Redstone Central: Entire property, without formal agreement; basis of use and the rental accrued not ascertained -------
Pennsylvania Railroad: Tracks, 1.378 miles, known as Shamrock branch; indefinite period from September, 1903; stipulated payment of 4 per cent on valuation of $18,125.84, taxes and maintenance 725.03

Original data source: Valuation Reports Vol. 23 pp 53-54, 63
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1929

Although published in 1929, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1916

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