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The carrier is a corporation of the State of Ohio, having its principal office at Zanesville, Ohio. The accounting records of the carrier cover only the period from March 1, 1906, when new books were opened. The records for the period prior to that date are so incomplete that no information can be given from them concerning the finanacial dealings, corporate operations, or investments for that period. The accounting data in this report are those obtained from the records that cover the period from March 1, 1906, to date of valuation. The carrier is controlled by the Pennsylvania Company through ownership of a majority of its outstanding capital stock. On the other hand, the records do not indicate that it controls any other carrier corporations. The property of the carrier has been operated during its corporate life as indicated below:

Operated by--             From--      To--
Own organizationFeb. 27,1882June 30, 1886
ReceiverJuly 1, 1886Nov. 30, 1889
Own organizationDec. 1, 1889June 30, 1895
ReceiverJuly 1, 1895Jan. 1, 1903
Own organizationJan. 2, 1903Jan. 13, 1905
ReceiverJan. 14, 1905Apr. --, 1905
Own organizationApr. --, 1905Valuation date


The carrier was incorporated February 27, 1882, under the general laws of the State of Ohio, for the purpose of consolidating the property, rights, and franchises of the Belaire and South Western Railway Company and The Zanesville and South Eastern Railway Company. The date of organization of the carrier was February 28, 1882.

Pursuant to the above purpose, the carrier acquired at its organization the property, rights, and franchises of the two railroad corporations named. The carrier, itself, and those corporations total three different corporations, of which one underwent a change in name, and comprise the line of corporate succession culminating in the the carrier as at present constituted.

The following chart shows the names of the corporations, the respective dates of incorporation, and for each predecessor the date of succession, the immediately succeeding corporation, and the manner of succession. Reference to each of these corporations is made in the last column by its respective number shown in the first column.

Name Incorporation Succession
1. The Ohio River and Western Railway Company. See 2.
2. The Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railway Company. Under general laws of Ohio through articles of consolidation, dated Jan. 7, 1882; filed Feb. 27, 1882. Name changed to 1, Aug. 28, 1902.
3. Bellaire and South Western Railway Company. Under general laws of Ohio, Mar. 26, 1875. Consolidated Feb. 27, 1882, with 4 to form 2.
4. The Zanesville and South Eastern Railway Company. Under general laws of Ohio, May 24, 1881. Consolidated Feb. 27, 1882, with 3, to form 2.


The owned mileage of the carrier amounting to 110.516 miles, was acquired pertly by construction, partly by consolidation, and partly by purchase. Of the two corporations that comprise the line of succession culminating in the carrier as at present constituted, one corporation, The Zanesville and South Eastern Railway Company, did not construct any road or other common-carrier property. The property constructed by the carrier and the remaining corporations, the years when the various portions of the line were constructed, and the manner in which the carrier acquired the property, are indicated in the followng table, wherein, to facilitate comparison with the table showing the corporate succession, previously given, the same order of corporations is maintained.

Acquired by construction, constructed by the carrier, Woodsfield to Lawton, Ohio, 1883 59.46
Acquired by consolidation in 1882 from the Bellaire and South Western Railway Company, constructed by that company, Bellaire to Woodsfield, Ohio, 1879 42.00
Acquired by purchase from The Muskingum County Railway (unincorporated), constructed by Muskingum County, Ohio, Baltimore and Ohio Junction to Lawton, Ohio, 1883    9.00
Total 110.46
Difference between total recorded mileage and mileage inventoried as of date of valuation      .056
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 110.516

The records reviewed do not indicate whether the construction work performed for the carrier was done under contract or by its forces.


The carrier jointly uses on date of valuation facilities owned by another company and another company jointly uses facilities owned by the carrier to the extent indicated below. The description of the property, the terms of use, and the rentals accrued and charged or credited to income for the year ending on date of valuation, are as follows:

Solely owned, but jointly used, used with Pennsylvania Company, tracks, 2.30 miles, from Gravel Junction to Mapleton, Ohio, for indefinite period from July 1, 1913, annual rental, 9 cents per ton on coal handled over tracks, with minimum rental of $5,000 $16,321.09
Jointly used, but not owned, owned by The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, tracks, 1.40 miles, from near Mill Run to Zanesville, Ohio; for indefinite period from Aug. 27, 1884; rental, $1,631.90 per annum 1,631.90

Original data source: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission Vol. 121 pp 591-592, 599
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
March 1927

Although published in 1927, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1917

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