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Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky



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The construction of the property of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky was begun under contracts in April, 1872, about four years subsequent to the date of its incorporation on June 15, 1868. Under these contracts a large amount of grading and all bridging was completed. In November, 1873, construction was suspended and was not resumed until August 21, 1877, on which date the Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky entered into a contract with the Pennsylvania Company for the completion of its road from Wheeling Junction to Wheeling, W. Va., about 24 miles, and on February 25, 1878, this road was opened for operation by the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and St. Louis Railway Company, under a lease bearing the same date. This lease was in accordance with the terms of the contract dated August 21, 1877, with the Pennsylvania Company, which provided that the control of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky was to be vested in that company, and that its property was to be leased to it or to such company as the Pennsylvania Company might designate. The construction of the extension from Wheeling to Benwood, W. Va., about 4 miles was begun in 1879, and was opened for operation in November, 1883, by the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis under the terms of the lease above referred to, dated February 25, 1878.


On date of valuation, all of the common-carrier property of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky was leased to the Panhandle, under an agreement dated February 25, 1878, and that portion of its railroad extending from Wheeling to Benwood, W. Va., was used by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Compnay under a trackage agreement dated May 10, 1883. The terms of these agreements are more fully described in the portion of this appendix devoted to the Panhandle.

Original data source: Valuation Reports Vol. 24 pp 341-342
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1929

Although published in 1929, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1918

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