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Rosslynn Connecting Railroad


The Rosslynn Connecting Railroad, hereinafter called the carrier, is a Virginia corporation, controlled by the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company. It owns and operates a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad extending from a connection with the Washington Southern Railway Company at a point about 0.5 mile south of the Potomac River opposite Washington, D. C., to Rosslynn, Va., a distance of 2.716 miles. It also owns 1.338 miles of yard tracks and sidings.


The carrier was incorporated February 29, 1904, under the general laws of Virginia, with authority to acquire, maintain, and operate a railroad between Rosslynn and Jackson City, Va. Its organization was perfected on the same date. The mileage owned was acquired by purchase. The carrier is controlled by the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company through ownership of the entire capital stock, except qualifying shares. Its principal office is at Alexandria, Va.


The carrier is granted trackage rights by the Washington Southern Railway Company between the junction point of the two carriers and the south end of Long Bridge, a distance of 0.45 mile. The Washington Southern Railway Company has trackage rights over the carrier's tracks for a distance of 0.24 mile between the junction of the two roads and the plant of the Cotton Oil and Provision Company.

Original data source: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission Vol. 106 pp 762, 764
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
February 1926

Although published in 1926, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1915

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