Strasburg Railroad


The accounting records of the carrier were not obtained and it has never made any report to us. Therefore, no information can be given regarding its financial dealings, corporate operations, or investments. However, certain data indicated below were obtained from other sources. The carrier is a corporation of the State of Pennsylvania, having its principal office at Strasburg, Pa. It is controlled by Frank A. Musselman, a dealer in merchandise, through ownership of the entire outstanding capital stock. On the other hand, the information obtained does not indicate that this company, itself, controls any other common-carrier corporation.


The carrier was incorporated February 15, 1851, under the general laws of the State of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from Leaman Place to Strasburg, Pa. The date of organization has not been obtained.


The owned mileage of the carrier inventoried as of date of valuation was 3.763 miles, but no information relative to its construction or acquisition has been obtained.


The line of the carrier has direct connection with the line of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for interchange of traffic at Leaman Place, Pa.

Original data source: Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission Vol. 119 pp 725, 727
Interstate Commerce Commission
Washington, DC
January 1927

Although published in 1927, the report is " of date of valuation" which was 30 June, 1917

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