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This list of Depository Libraries has received the "Index" for reference and
consultation through advance request. No other copies are available.


Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn
Business Library, University of Alabama, University


University of Arizona, Tucson


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Public Library, Little Rock
Harding College, Searcy


University of California, Berkeley 4
Government Document Room, Pomona College, Claremont
Fresno County Free Library, Fresno 1
Loyola University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles 45
Public Library, Los Angeles 17, Government Publications Room
University of California, Los Angeles 24
University of Southern California, Los Angeles 7
School of Business Administration, Menlo College, Menlo Park
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena 2
California State Library, Sacramento 9
Golden Gate College, San Francisco 5
Public Library, San Francisco 2
Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco, San Francisco 17
Varsi Library, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara
Hopkins Transportation Library, Stanford University, Stanford


Lawson Memorial Library, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario


University of Colorado, Boulder
Coburn Library, Colorado College, Colorado Springs
Public Library, Colorado Springs
Colorado State Library, Denver 2
Public Library, Denver 2
Division of State Archives, State Museum, Denver 2


University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport 4
Connecticut State Library, Hartford 1
Hillyer College, Hartford
Trinity College, Hartford 6
Yale University, New Haven
Connecticut College, New London


Wilmington Institute Free Library, Wilmington


American University, Washington 6
Brookings Institution, Washington 6
Bureau of Railway Economics, Association of American Railroads, Washington 6
Catholic University of America, Washington 17
George Washington University, Washington 6
Howard University, Washington 1
U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington 25
U. S. Library of Congress, Washington 25
U. S. National Archives, Washington 25


Sampson Library, John B. Stetson University, De Land
University of Florida, Gainesville
Public Library, Reference Department, Jacksonville 2
Florida State University, Tallahassee


University of Georgia, Athens
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta 3
Business and Industry Division, Public Library, Atlanta
Emory University, Emory University
Mercer University, Macon


University of Idaho, Moscow


College of Advanced Traffic, Chicago 2
John Crerar Library, Chicago 1
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago 16
Lewis Towers Library, Loyola University, Chicago 11
Newberry Library; Chicago 10
Statistical Bureau-Executive Committee, Western Traffic Association, Chicago 6
Periodical and Document Room, University of Chicago, Chicago 37
James Millikin University, Decatur 24
Northwestern University, Evanston
Illinois State Library, Springfield
University of Illinois, Urbana


Amherst College, Amherst
Goodell Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Business Administration Library, Boston University, Boston 15
Baker Library, Harvard Business School, Boston 63
Massachusetts State Library, Boston 33
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 39
Tufts College, Medford 55
Wheaton College, Norton
City Library Association, Springfield
Clark University, Worcester 3


Transportation Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Detroit Institute of Technology, Detroit 26
University of Detroit, Detroit 21
Wayne University, Detroit 1
Reference Department, Michigan State College, East Lansing
Business and Technology Department, Public Library, Grand Rapids 2
Michigan College of Mining and Technology, Houghton
Public Library, Jackson


University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
James Jerome Hill Reference Library, St. Paul 2
Public Library, St. Paul 2


Mississippi State College, State College
University of Mississippi, University


State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia
Social Science Reading Room, University of Missouri, Columbia
Business and Technical Department, Public Library, Kansas City 6
University of Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy, Rolla
Public Library, St. Louis 3
School of Commerce and Finance, St. Louis University, St. Louis 8
Washington University, St. Louis 5


Montana State University, Missoula


Nebraska State Library, Lincoln 9
University of Nebraska, Lincoln 8
Creighton University, Omaha 2
National Railroad School, Omaha 8
Public Library, Omaha 2


Nevada State Library, Carson City


New Hampshire State Library, Concord
University of New Hampshire, Durham
Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, Dartmouth College, Hanover


Rutgers University, New Brunswick
New Jersey Historical Society, Newark
Newark College of Engineering, Newark
Pliny Fisk Collection of Railroad and Corporation Finance,
      Princeton University, Princeton


University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, State College


Public Library, Brooklyn 17
Grosvenor Library, Buffalo 2
Public Library, Buffalo 9
Lockwood Memorial Library, University of Buffalo, Buffalo 14
Colgate University, Hamilton
Cornell University, Ithaca
Business, Science and Technology Division, Queens Borough Public Library,
     Jamaica 2
City College of the City of New York, New York 31
School of Business Library, Columbia University, New York 27
Engineering Societies Library, 29 West 39th Street, New York
Fordham University, New York 58
Moody's Investors Service, New York 6
Commerce Library, New York University, Washington Square, New York 3
New York University, University Heights, New York 53
Pace College, New York 7
Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, New York 14
Standard and Poor's Corporation, New York 14
Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam
Union College, Schenectady 8
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy


Duke University, Durham


University of North Dakota, University Station, Grand Forks


Public Library, Akron 8
Ohio University, Athens
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green
Public Library, Cincinnati 7
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati 21
John Carroll University, Cleveland 18
Business Information Bureau, Public Library, Cleveland 14
Fenn College, Cleveland 15
Western Reserve University, Cleveland 6
Ohio State University, Columbus
Public Library, Dayton 2
Slocum Library, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware
Oberlin College, Oberlin
Business Service, Public Library, Toledo 2
University of Toledo, Toledo 7
Youngstown College, Youngstown 2


University of Oklahoma, Norman
Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater
University of Tulsa, Tulsa 4


School of Business and Technology, Oregon State College, Corvallis
University of Oregon, Eugene
Library Association of Portland, Portland 5
University of Portland, Portland 3


Lehigh University, Bethlehem
Fackenthal Library, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster
Bucknell University, Lewisburg
Department of Public Documents, Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia 3
Business Library, Temple University, Philadelphia 22
Lippincott Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 4
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 13
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh 19
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 13
International Correspondence Schools, Scranton
Pennsylvania State College, State College
Swarthmore College, Swarthmore
Washington and Jefferson College, Washington
Lycoming College, Williamsport


Rhode Island State College, Kingston
John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence


Clemson College, Clemson
McKissick Memorial Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia


University of South Dakota, Vermillion


Public Library, Chattanooga 3
University of Chattanooga, Chattanooga 3
Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Cookeville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 16
Cossitt Library, Memphis 4
Tennessee State Library, Nashville


Public Library, Dallas 1
Southern Methodist University Law Library, Dallas 5
Texas Western College, El Paso
Business and Technology Division, Public Library, Fort Worth 2
Mary Couts Burnett Library, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth
Baylor University, Baylor University Station, Waco


Utah State Agricultural College, Logan
Brigham Young University, Provo
University of Utah, Salt Lake City 1


Norwich University, Northfield


Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg
Alderman Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Cyrus Hall McCormick Library, Washington and Lee University, Lexington
Virginia State Library, Richmond 19
University of Richmond, Richmond
William and Mary College, Williamsburg


Washington State Library, Olympia
Technical Service Division, State College of Washington, Pullman
Seattle University, Seattle 22
Public Library, Spokane
College of Puget Sound, Tacoma 6
Public Library, Tacoma 3


Marshall College, Huntington 1
West Virginia University, Morgantown